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Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
. this is truly amazing stuffconsidering the recent meteor event in russia that wounded hundreds. this is the second major meteor sighting in the bay area in the last four months. i'm jeff bush in the news room, kron four news. for more on the sighting. astronomer gerald mckeegan is on the phone. describe what's been going on tonight. we've been hearing this sighting is being called a fire ball. another name. a sporadic meteor. what is that? >> they come in from the atmosphere, with several other areas. it could easily be built spotted over the ocean. and perhaps going towards the ocean. >> pam: and many people are concerned with russia there's no danger associated? >> correct, no danger, none whatsoever. or for the asteroid that came earlier this morning. >> the queu think you tonight seems like a good night for amature astonomers. more than 500 star- gazers attending a viewing party at the chabot space and science center in oakland. all to view an asteroid passing by earth. and all made visible thanks to the chabot telescope. the lines were long to get a glimpse at the asteroid
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
as heretics and non-muslims. residents of chelyabinsk, russia are struggling to return to normal, after a meteor strike that shattered windows and rattled nerves. the sonic boom and resulting pressure wave collapsed doors and storefronts. more than a thousand people were injured. the estimated cost to the damage is 33-million- dollars. authorities have sealed off a frozen lake, where at least some of the fireball appeared to have fallen. but so far, divers have found no trace of the meteor. >> "everyone fall down like this, and ground shake a little." >> the cleanup in chelyabinsk continues. more than 24-thousand people are working in the cold weather to cover windows and gather clothes and food. teams of investigators are now sifting through the carnival cruise ship looking for what may have caused the fire that stranded the boat at sea. susan candiotti is in mobile alabama with the very latest. >> reporter: you can see the ship in the backyard behind to beat. to give you a sen leaked size, fun it is the size-of three football fields. it is the emphasize. they have a lot of work ahead
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2